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A True Gift To Children

Understanding Cranial Osteopathy

What is it?

Cranial Osteopathy is all about removing tension from the body.

How does it work?

When you visit a masseur/physio, they release tension from the muscles and joints on the outside of your body. You can see and feel what they are doing. It makes sense.

But there are several deeper layers of interconnective tissue: fascia, muscles, membranes, nerves, fluid etc. that make up the rest of your body.

Cranial osteopaths feel for movement and, more importantly, lack of movement in these deeper layers of the body. A lack of movement, or a distorted movement indicates an area of tension.


Cranial techniques are extremely gentle, and you most likely won’t feel anything at all during a treatment.

By removing areas of tension, the natural functioning of the body is restored: flow of fluids in the body is un-impeded (lymph, blood, Cerebro-spinal fluid, interstitial fluid), neural firing is un-impeded, and muscles are not under strain.

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Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy for


There is nothing more distressing than being a new mum, and finding your baby in daily distress. Endless trips backwards and forwards to the GP and health visitor leave you and baby either happy and triumphant, with Gaviscon or Colief having worked their magic, or wondering around your home with ear plugs and tears in your eyes, feeling completely alone and at sea.

If you are in this situation, then cranial osteopathy could be the right treatment choice for your baby. In the right situation, it can be the greatest gift you give to your child.

Birth can be tough - for you, but also for your child, and sometimes the body is left with a little bit of tension. Tension anywhere in the body can place pressure on the nervous system and fluid systems within the body, and affect the body's normal functions. Its like having a tight muscle that gives you a tension headache. Babies have muscles and tissues that hold tension too.

Cranial Osteopathy gently and safely relaxes and removes the areas of tension in the body, enabling the body to function as it should.


Download our FREE E-BOOK to find out more about cranial osteopathy.


Cranial Osteopathy for
children and teenagers

Cranial osteopathy excels in situations where a child has received a physical impact such as falling off a horse or out of a tree, being hit by a ball or bat, or breaking a bone.

Osteopaths also observe that sometimes, tension left in the body from birth can manifest as physical symptoms later on in life. 

Cranial osteopathy aims to remove any area of tension that is placing pressure on the nervous system, fluid systems, and musculoskeletal systems.

In children, cranial osteopathy can help situations such as ADHD, digestive problems such as constipation, behavioural difficulties, Autism, learning delays, speech delays, recurrent ear infections, back pain, neck pain & headaches. 


Coby Langford is no longer accepting patients above 12 months of age.

Children & Teenages

Soothe Clinic Prices 2023



Katherine Quinn

1 hour                          £85

Coby Langford

1.5 hour                      £145


Katherine Quinn                        

30 mins                       £75

Coby Langford                        

40 mins                       £85


Coby Langford                  

1 hour                        £75


Coby Langford                  

30 mins                      £50


If you have medical insurance, most insurers will pay for treatment. 

Our Prices

"I don't know how new parents cope without cranial osteopathy! We saw an immediate improvement in our son's colic after weeks of distress"

Jenny, Cheshire

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