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Your Testimonials


What our clients have said about us...

"I can not express how happy I felt after bringing my son to see Coby today.

She is really knowledgeable and gave me great advice on a number of different subjects.
She gave me a sample of Arnica cream that she has made herself and it smelt amazing, I will definitely be using that to help with my sons pain.
My son is 7 and suffers with Tourette’s syndrome and is struggling with painful neck tics at the moment.
He was made to feel super relaxed, she listened to everything he had to say and after the first session he has said the pain in his neck has reduced.

We can’t wait for the next appointment.

The guy on the reception was lovely and chatty, an overall fab experience. Thanks so much."


"Coby Langford is excellent at what she does. She made such a difference to my sons well being when he was a baby. Her sessions were so effective he was calmer, happier and slept better. He still goes for cranial therapy as it has such a positive effect in his well-being now he’s in school. He’s so relaxed after a treatment. Thank you. X"

"I can wholeheartedly recommend Soothe Children's Clinic. Both our boys have had issues with hearing, speech, and behavioral problems. They were both treated at Soothe and we were so happy to see incredible changes in both our boy's - relief from physical pain, development in hearing and speech, and improvements in their emotional wellbeing. Initially, we weren't sure whether the boys would behave, during the treatments, but with expert help they were made to feel comfortable & relaxed."

"I saw Coby at Soothe Clinic when our little boy was just 4 weeks old and suffering terribly with silent reflux and I can honestly day that the visits were the only thing that made a significant difference to his symptoms and SLEEP! Coby was also really knowledgeable helpful with suggesting some alternatives when we thought there could be a cow's milk protein allergy, which has helped significantly too. I would definitely recommend as it was something I was sceptical about at first, but am so glad we did now and only wish we did it with our first baby too."

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