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We've Moved House!

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

We are delighted to announce that Soothe Children's Clinic has moved house! You can now find us on St Ann's Square, Central Manchester. No stairs or steps to navigate with, ample pram space, nappy changing facilities.....AND a fabulous little Tassimo coffee machine to enjoy a cappucino while your precious child is pampered. And if that wasn't enough to sing and dance about, the Christmas Markets opened today so you can enjoy the jazz music, Christmas lights and the smell of mulled wine on your way here!

Come and visit us in historic St Ann's Square!

I might have also splashed out on a few special treats for the children...

And a few treats for Mum & Dad...

So come on down and visit - I look forward to meeting you and catching up!

Remember to book your child in for their MOT's - to unwind all the knocks and bangs, growth spurts and illnesses that inevitably take their toll on the little ones.

Warmest wishes and see you soon!

Coby x

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